Water heater Pada Yacht

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Various types of technology have been created by humans to make it easier for humans to do their jobs. As one of the developing technologies is technology in the field of temperature control with automation systems. The automation system can be used in water heaters for bathing needs. In the manufacture of this bath water heater uses heat energy generated by the heat of the lamp. The comfortable temperature for bathing is 38oC. However, a water heater system for heating is not enough, but a system that can also maintain the temperature automatically in the process is needed to keep it stable at the desired value. From the description above, the author took the initiative to make a water temperature stabilizer that was applied to a DC electric water heater.

           The purpose of this study was to determine how long it takes to reach a temperature of 38oC and be able to maintain a stable temperature well. The method of designing the tool by making hardware in the form of an electronic circuit that can function automatically to detect the temperature of the heating water and maintain the stability of the water temperature in the water heater automatically at the desired water temperature. The water temperature stabilizer that is applied to this water heater works very well. The average travel time that can be achieved from all tests is 3 minutes and 8 minutes. Although there is an increase in temperature in each experiment, this water temperature stabilizer reaches 40oC and 42oC. The increase is still below the predetermined significance level.

             The results of this study are in the form of a water temperature stabilizer design that can work very well and effectively even though it is felt that it takes quite a long time but it is in accordance with the program that has been previously arranged. The results of the temperature increase that occurred in the testing of the tool were still below the predetermined significance level so that this tool worked very well.


Keywords : Water heater, Yacht