Author Guideline

Author have to follow this following procedure to submit article in Reka Ruang.

  1. General Author Guideline

The entire submission and review process for Reka Ruang is handled electronically. All manuscript should be submitted to Reka Ruang Editorial Office by Online Submission at:

in which registration and login are required. For the more detailed information regarding the submission process, please refer to this document.

Submission Guideline 

If Authors have any problems on the online submission, please contact the editorial office.

  1. Manuscript Preparation Guideline

Address all correspondences and inquiries to the Chief Editor. Author is asked to provide manuscripts as electronic files. Manuscript should be prepared according to the following author guidelines in the MS Word article template:

Template Reka Ruang

Manuscripts formatting requirements are:

a.    Body Text

The body of the text is a set of body text paragraphs defined as follows: 12pt Times New Roman, one-half space (defined as 6pt), spacing after the heading is 3pt, spacing before the new heading is 12pt.

b.    Tables

Tables are sequentially numbered commencing at 1 with the table title and number above the table whereas source below the table. Tables should be centered in the page.

c.    Figures

Figures are sequentially numbered commencing at 1 with the figure title, number, and source below the figure. Detailed recommendations for figures are as follows:

  • Ensure that figures are clear and legible with typed letterings.
  • Black & white or colored figures are allowed.
  • Hard copy illustrations should, preferably, be scanned and included in the electronic version of the submission in an appropriate format as follows: BMP - Microsoft bitmap file, WMF - Windows Metafile Format, GIF-Graphic Interchange Format, and JPG - Joint Photographic Group.

d.    Manuscript Format

Manuscript should be typed in Bahasa Indonesia using Microsoft Word software. The paper size is A4 (i.e., 210 x 297 mm), one-column format. Page numbers should be included in the text located in footer section of each page. The manuscript should be arranged in the following order (except for the review article and book review):


The titile must be brief, accurate, unambiguous, specific, informative, and indicates the main point(s) or issue of the paper (5-10 words) without infrequently-used abbreviations.


The Author(s) name must be complety written (do not abbreviate your last/family name) but without any title. Always give your First and Last names. Write clear affiliation of all Authors accompanied by authors corresponding e-mail address. Affiliation includes name of department/unit, name of institution/university (if the affiliation is university, name of faculty must be included), address, country.


Abstract should contain 150-300 words and is constructed in 1 paragraph which includes brief description of the paper and a summary of the conclusions (written in two languages: Indonesian and English). Abstract should stand alone, means that no citation in abstract. Avoid using technical jargon and uncommon abbreviations. You must be accurate, brief, clear and specific.


Keywords are the labels of your manuscript and critical to correct indexing and searching (3-5 words). Use only those abbreviations that are firmly established in the field.


Introduction gives details of research problem(s), a summary of theoretical review that show the best of previous researches and its limitation, a problem solving plan and idea to solve the limitation, research objective(s), and the scientific merit or novelties of the paper.


Methods explains how the research is conducted, research design, data collecting technique(s), instrument development, and data analysis technique(s).


Results and discussion contains findings based on the analysis and elaboration of these findings.Results should be clear and concise. The results should summarize (scientific) findings rather than providing data in great detail. Please highlight differences between your results or findings and the previous publications by other researchers.


Conclusions describes the research results and their implications. Conclusion should answer the objectives of research. Tells how your work advances the field from the present state of knowledge.


Acknowledgments should be limited to collegial and financial assistance. Acknowledgments are not meant to recognize personal or manuscript production support.


Cite the main scientific publications on which your work is based. Cite only items that you have read. Do not inflate the manuscript with too many references. Avoid excessive self citations. Avoid excessive citations of publications from the same region. Check each reference against the original source (authors name, volume, issue, year). Please use Reference Manager Applications like EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, etc. Use other published articles in the same journal as models. All publications cited in the text should be included as a list of references. Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa).