Perancangan Sistem Kontrol Berbasis Arduino Uno pada Dispenser Penyedia Minuman Otomatis

  • Eddy Erham State Polytechnic of Bandung (POLBAN)



The accelerated development of digital electronic technology, make many people hope that can  develop various facilities of  a device.  This condition become challenge for researchers.  In this paper was developed some facilities of dispenser by designing its control system.  The design includes of control system for temperature of drinking water, for the water level in a container and for pouring the water automatically. To do this, it was used electronic components, an Arduino Uno as a controller and some sensors as detectors and  feedbacks. The Arduino was uploaded  a control system program so that can function as controller. Whereas, for display, that work as  monitor, was used Laptop  which is supported PLX-DAQ  and Ms. Excel. The results showed that control system responses  have satisfied  desired objectives. First, water temperature can be maintained  at 80C , though still have error in range from 00C to 0.380C. Second, pouring the water as high as 5 cm can be performed automatically, with error in range from 0.2 cm  to 0.5 cm. And  finally,  the container of  water can provide the water without having any empty or overflow  condition.

Key words: Dispenser,  Arduino, control system, pouring automatically, level control.

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