• Starting on April 27, 2022, the Kurvatek web page is presented in English. It also updates webpage content and all important menus and links to meet journal and professional standards.
  • Kurvatek has been published a new issue for the April 2022. Please visit
  • The new revised Kurvatek template is available for the issue (Vol. 7, Issue 2) of November 2022
  • Example full paper based on new template (Example Paper)
  • Starting for the issue of November 2022, scientific articles in English are highly welcomed
  • A special Issue "Sustainable Development" will be created for the issue of November 2022. This special issue will organize the paper which cannot be absorbed in the regular issue (only a maximum of 14 papers). Those who agree their paper published in the special issue will be charged Rp 500,000 for maintaining the system and contributing to the operational costs. The author of the paper will be notified and offered if their paper will be published in the special issue. The author may decline the offer and their article may be considered in the next regular issue (if eligible).